Milestones of our
Company history

Prepared for the future: Long-time employee Eike Pannen is appointed as additional managing partner besides Thomas Wörtmann. He continues to develop the business in fertilizers and pet food.

Günter Wörtmann steps down after 55 years as a shareholder and moves to the advisory board.

Growth and change: Increasing sales enable an expansion of the HAGES team both in the operational area and in product management. The main customer base includes European manufacturers of pet food, active pharmaceutical ingredients, gelatine and collagen products, and fertilizers.

After the death of HAGES founder Hans G. E. Sievers, Günter Wörtmann takes over the entire company. Together with his son Thomas, he expands the company. In 1998 Thomas Wörtmann becomes managing director and shareholder.

HAGES founder Hans G. E. Sievers searched for energetic support and a reliable partner for the expansion of the raw materials business. He finds Günter Wörtmann, a trained tanner, and makes him managing director and partner as early as 1969.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Günter Wörtmann expands the business areas. From then on, HAGES also supplies the pharmaceutical industry and manufacturers of pet food. Günter Wörtmann also opens up the gelatine and collagen raw materials segment.

In response to its increasing business volume and expanded range of raw materials, the company is transformed into Hans G. E. Sievers GmbH & Co. The range of raw materials is expanding to include additional animal raw materials and by-products.

Hans G. E. Sievers founds the Sievers & Sievers agency in Hamburg for the import of fishmeal from South America. It opens up the German and neighboring European markets. The customers for animal proteins include, in particular, feed manufacturers and the fertilizer industry.